Nathalie 20 years old


img_8881Back in Stockholm again after a few days in London. Nathalie turned 20 today and we had a lovely lunch together. It was myself, her father Anatoli and her boyfriend Ben (sister and brother couldn´t get time off from work unfortunately).

We still remember the day she was born, the day she was baptised and all the lovely years that followed.

As parents, we are thrilled that she, after graduating from nature science & maths in high school, chose to study political science in London. To find a meaningful career and job is essential for health and happiness.

Nattis_babushkanathalie_babushkaTalking to her grandmother in Moscow, now and then, babushka has a special place in her heart (we still remember her decision to go to Moscow för Christmas instead of Hong Kong with her parents when she was seven).

Love from all of us and many happy returns!