Just one of these days


yvonnelin_computercrashForgot my cell phone at home. Thought of picking it up on the way from Ylab to my meeting. Half way there, I realised that my daughter had my home keys. Never mind, I thought. I still have my lap top so I can mail and Skype from my location. At the site, opening my lap top – MS DOS pops up – HUGE failure. Computer crash. Does anyone (apart from IT doctors) stay calm in such a situation? Heart rate, pulse, age …you name it, it all got higher at an instance.  Hardware crash – personal memory failure. I forgot to blog.

Well well, it turned out to be a peaceful day with no text messages and no calls. Lovely! And not at least did I feel confident as I opened my eyes on the morning of Friday the 13:th. I had done it all.


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