Millennials mental health


Här kommer ytterligare ett gästinlägg från Nathalie Grigorenko. Nathalie lever och studerar politisk teori i London och har skrivit ett tidigare inlägg om den yngre generationens påverkan av sociala medier.


There is no hiding that the younger generations have been brought up in a very different times than the previous generations. I have already mentioned the influence of media on mental health, but an underlying stress with many of the younger generation, which arguably has more impact on mental health, is the economic situation we have been put in.


Today’s generation will not be able to own houses, they will finish their academic years with massive debts, and they are faced with unrealistic expectations and often exploitative working conditions. There are often talks about my generation being spoiled, and getting everything “handed to us”, but in reality this is not the case. Yes, we may have different ideas of how we want to spend our money, but to claim that millennials will afford buying houses if they stop buying avocado toast is not only ignorant, but it is also inconsiderate.


My generation will spend money on “stupid” things because it does not matter for us at the end of the day. We pay our rent, bills, and living costs, but we will never be out of massive debt so why not enjoy small things here and there? Personally, living in London, life here is extremely expensive, but that does not mean that I will stop having my avocado toast sometimes. We have been put is economic strain by previous generations, but we do not want to dedicate every moment to repair the damage that has been made. We want to have lives too. Why ought we to deprive ourselves from happiness to please others?

Small joys

Nevertheless, despite the small joys and the “careless” approach to the debts and hardship, we all struggle with the knowledge that we will never truly feel economically secure. We might get stable jobs, but the debts creep up on us, and the rises in cost of living, are always present and will always be a worry. In combination with social pressures like the media, the economic instability we face contribute massively to the bad mental health with many of the younger generations.

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  1. Madelene Håll skriver:

    Det har definitivt blivit snedvridet idag. Förut nöjde sig människan med mindre. En bil per hushåll. En enkel semester till någon stuga som facket hyrde ut billigt. Ingen behövde extra långa ögonfransar eller extra stora bröst. Vilket inte är någon gratis investering. Klart att ribban är höjd. Via sociala medier. Och måttot. ”Mycket vill ha mer” För att vara perfekt och psssa in krävs det kapital. Men. Pengar är i slutänden bara ett medel. Rikedom. Är något helt annat.