The term Orthorexia Athletica launched today

Lin & Grigorenko launch a new term for obsession with healthy food and excercise.

The Health & Exercice clinic Ylab has developed a method called EED-12 for the specific eat & exercise disorder Orthorexia Athletica. Orthorexia Athletica include obsessive behavior regarding both ”healthy eating” and excercise. Most often the aim is to get a certain body and social desirable image including a slim fit hard body from hard training and disciplined eating that goes to the extreme.  It differs from Orthorexia Nervosa, founded by Steven Bratman which is characterised by obsession with ”healthy eating” only. Furthermore, Orthorexia Nervosa is not about dieting for weight loss, body shaping or body image but only for the sake of body cleansing.

The term Orthorexia Athletica was founded by the two martial artists Yvonne Lin, MSc and Anatoli Grigorenko, PhD after conducting research and devlopment between 1994-2000 followed by offering clinical treatment ever since then.  

Integrated multidiciplinary treatment programs EED-12

The Ylab clinic offers a standardised treatment including education, excercise and food regulation, behavior training and individual councelling. The staff is medically educated, former elite athletes and specialists in Eat & Exercise 12 step program.

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